Missing in the Thames Valley

Police are trying to find more than twenty people who have gone missing from Oxford, including 13 asylum seekers.

The names of 23 are being released by police today in a bid trace people – some of which have been missing for more than two years.

Detective Inspector Paul Miller told Heart:

“The important thing to recognise is that people go missing for a variety of reasons and therefore there are different concerns around them. Some of the names we are releasing today are those of suspected illegal immigrants; while with others there is a concern for their welfare or their disappearance is considered out of character by their friends and family."

But he added:

“Thames Valley Police spend a great deal of time trying to locate people who have been reported missing to us. But if people do not wish to be found, for whatever reason, it can be very hard to trace them. We hope that by releasing these names and photographs it will jog people’s memories and help us to find some of them."

Anyone with information regarding any of the missing people should contact the Oxford Missing Persons team via the 24-hour Thames Valley Police Enquiry Line on 0845 8 505 505.

The following list is of all the people currently being sought in the Oxford area:

1. Michal Pierre, 29, went missing from the Littlemore Hospital on 23 September. He is believed to be travelling between the Finsbury Park area of London and Banbury. 

2. Marion Penny, 50, last seen leaving her home address in Barton Lane, Headington, on 10 November. Contact has been made with her via the telephone, but Marion refuses to meet with officers to check that she is safe.

3. Han Thanh Hang, 17. Han is a lone asylum seeker who went missing from a guest house where she was staying in Between Towns Road on 8 January.

4. Sadequllah Haqyar, 18. Sadequllah is an asylum seeker that went missing from his temporary accommodation in Oxford on 16 January.

5. Ha Thi Nguyen, 18. Ha Thi is an asylum seeker who went missing from her guesthouse in Marston on 17 April 2009. All of her belongings were left behind.

6. Hussain Fakori, 19. Hussain is an asylum seeker who went missing from his guesthouse in Between Towns Road on 2 June. He told friends that he was going to stay with another friend for a while and took all his possessions with him.

7. Miralam Ahmadzai, 18. Miralam is an Afghan national who was seeking asylum in the UK. He was last seen on 8 August at the guesthouse he was staying at in Oxford.

8. Maweed Dawowdi, 18, was living in Hendred Street and was reported missing after he failed to attend an immigration hearing in London on 1 October.

9. Page Halsey, 38, was reported missing from the Warneford Hospital on 5 November.

10. Naveet Singh, 17. Naveet is an asylum seeker who was reported missing from his address in James Street, Oxford, on 20 November 2009.

11. Shaat Sultankhail, 18. Shaat is an asylum seeker who went missing from his guesthouse in Between Towns Road on 22 December 2009.

12. Van Quoc Ngo, 17. Van Quoc is an asylum seeker who was reported missing from his guesthouse in Marston 22 February 2009.

13. Hang Thi Nguyen, 16. Hang Thi is an asylum seeker who was reported missing by the foster family she was placed with in Blackbird Leys on the 28 May.

14. Kashif Shafy, 19. Kashif was reported missing after he failed to attend an immigration hearing in London on 21 May. He was seen last that morning at the Oxford and Cherwell Valley College in Oxpens Road, where he was enrolled as a student.

15. Nooralam Ahmedzai, 17. Noorlam is an asylum seeker who went missing from the guesthouse in Between Towns Road, Oxford, where he was staying on 3 August 2009.

16. Anthony Finch, 69. Was last seen leaving the Night Shelter in Luther Street on 24 February to go for an interview. Anthony had been living at the Night Shelter since the beginning of January. 

17. William Jackson  76, was last seen at Lucy Faithful House on 11 September.

18. Fengming Xu, 16. Fengming left his host family’s house in Woodstock Road on 4 August to attend his language school in the area. He attended college, but never returned to the house where he was staying.

19. Michael Smith, 56, Michael, who lives in Long Ford Close, Oxford, was last seen by a neighbour on 16 May. He has made contact via a letter to family members since his disappearance, but has not been seen since May.

20. Chengchao Mao, 16. Chengchao went missing from his host family’s address in New Cross Road, Headington on 15 July 2008, two days after entering the country.

21. Noorrahuman Maroofthail, 18. Noorrahuman is an asylum seeker who went missing from his guesthouse in Between Towns Road on 13 July.

22. Yasim Mustafa Musa, 20, was last seen by his asylum case worker on 29 October 2008.

23. Shuangshuang Sui, 17. Shuangshuang was a foreign language student living in Oxford Brookes University’s Lady Spencer Hall while living in the city. She was last seen when she went to visit Blenheim Palace on 24 July 2008. 

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