Peterborough: 167 Drivers Stopped

21 September 2012, 12:57

More than 160 motorists were stopped as part of the multi-agency day of action yesterday.

Driving and parking offences were tackled during the Operation CAN-do event. 

The operation involved officers from the East Neighbourhood Policing Team, traffic officers, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) team, Specials and Peterborough Civil Enforcement Officers. 

Operation CAN-do is a multi-agency campaign which aims to improve the Gladstone, Millfield and New England areas of Peterborough.

A total of 167 vehicles were stopped during the operation. Officers checked driving documents to ensure vehicles were insured and maintained, tackled parking offences and fined drivers for not wearing seat belts. 

Sergeant James Sheffield, who led the operation, told Heart: "This day of action focused on traffic offences and involved officers from across the force and Peterborough City Council. "The vast majority of drivers were complying with the law, but there are motorists driving around with no insurance and not wearing seat belts."

Sgt Sheffield added: "We will continue to carry out operation CAN-do to improve the quality of life for people living and working in Peterborough." 

The results included: 

*36 drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for not wearing seatbelts and two for children

*8 vehicles were seized 

*10 fixed penalty notices were issued for mobile phone offences 

*7 were summons to court for no insurance 

*7 were summons for paperwork offences such as no license and no MOT 

*60 tickets were issued for parking offences by council enforcement officers, which included parking in residential areas and on double yellow lines 

*11 searches under the Misuse of Drugs Act 

*2 people were stopped and searched 

*1 person was arrested for a public order offence 

*2 drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for no insurance 

*2 drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for no tax 

*1 driver was issued with a fixed notice for obstruction 

*3 drivers were summons to court for mobile phone offences 

*2 drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for defective tyres 

*6 drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for incorrect glass 

*1 driver was given a fixed penalty notice for excess speed 

*1 driver was given a fixed penalty notice for a number plate offence 

*1 driver was given a fixed penalty notice for a traffic light offence 

*1 driver was given a fixed penalty notice for parking on a zebra crossing 

*2 fines for road tax offences 

Ken Hudson, Senior Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer for Peterborough City Council, told Heart: "The success of this operation is really outstanding and we hope it will send out a clear reminder of the consequences of driving and parking unlawfully and unsafely. 

This is probably one of the best results we've had through joint working with the police and is a great example of the benefits of partnership working."

Ken concluded: "Being able to capture multiple offensives in the same locality at the same time with both the police and civil enforcement officers present was highly effective- the results speak for themselves."

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