NHS Portsmouth & NHS Southampton City

NHS Portsmouth & Southampton City have joined forces - click on the relevant link below to access all the details you need.

NHS Portsmouth

If you live in the Portsmouth area click here

Choose St Marys treatment centre for minor injuries, and choose your GP for urgent medical problems

Choose well - choose emergency department in emergencies only

NHS Southampton City

If you live in Southampton click here

Self-care For minor ailments, grazes, bruises and indigestion, choose self-care. Keep a well stocked first aid kit for self-care.

NHS Direct For absolutely any questions about health, choose to call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

Pharmacy For coughs, colds, tummy upsets and general health advice, choose a pharmacist.

GP For fevers, viral infections and persistent symptoms choose a GP.

Out of Hours Service Choose the Out of Hours GP Service for urgent health problems that cannot wait until your GP practice reopens- 0844 811 3060.

Minor Injuries Unit or walk-in care For cuts, sprains and minor fractures choose the Minor Injuries Unit at RSH Hospital or walk-in care at Bitterne Health Centre.

Emergency Department or 999 For symptoms of serious illness and major accidents, choose the Emergency Department at Southampton General Hospital or 999. Make sure the Emergency Department is available for you and your loved ones by not choosing this service unless you really need it.