Stripy New Arrival at Region's Zoo!

24 July 2012, 06:00

We're not foaling - there's a stripy new arrival at Africal Alive near Lowestoft!

Africa Alive! is proud to announce the birth of a Chapman’s zebra ‘Fennel’. The strong, healthy (and very cute) foal was born on the 16th of July and is being closely watched over by his mother ‘Mum’ and father ‘Cinnamon II’ as well as the rest of the herd.  Father ‘Cinnamon II’ and his mother ‘Mum’ were also born here at the park, back in 1999 and 1997 respectively.


As in the wild, the little colt was born after a gestation period lasting twelve months, and whilst he will suckle from his mother for at least six months, he will start to nibble at grass after just a few days, will be fully independent at about a year and sexually mature at two and a half years old.


She can be seen with her parents and the other zebras on the ‘PLAINS OF AFRICA’ experience in their wonderful 7-acre setting, mixing with giraffe, white rhino, blesbok ( type of antelope) and ostrich, simulating a typical scene from the African plains.

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