Welsh parents moving for better schools

10 September 2014, 13:14

HEART's being told around 1 in 4 mums and dads in Wales move house just to get their children into a better school.

Many have even given a false address to get them into the catchment area.

A survey has found many people think it’s unfair that education is put down to luck with postcodes.

Mum Zoe Blackler owns Cafe Junior in Cathays in Cardiff she says...

‘Pre-children I probably would have had a very different opinion.

When you have children you do become very selfish, you want the best for your children.

You are willing to do whatever it takes.’

Zoe has three children and has continued to move to get her children into better rated schools.

The choice to move can be expensive.

Parents are willing to spend more than seventeen thousand pounds to find a home in a desirable catchment area in Wales.

Mum Linda from Llanishen says...

‘I just think it’s unfair that parents have got to move to be able to make a better decision for their children.

I think they should be allowed to send their children to whatever school they want to go to.’

The competition to get children into the highest rated schools is getting tougher each year.

A quarter of parents in Wales are now putting their child's name down on school waiting lists before they're even born.

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