Enter Race for Life 2014

It’s time to take the fight to cancer at Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Let’s face it. Cancer is a nasty piece of work. It will affect one in three of us. It will stroll into our lives and ruin everything without even flinching.

We will beat it though. We’ll wipe that smile off its stupid face. Cancer’s going down. And every single pound we raise pushes it closer to the floor.

That’s why at Race for Life, we take absolute delight in reminding cancer that we’re coming to get it! 

So ladies, let's run, walk, dance or sponsor at raceforlife.org

Sign up here or call on: 0845 600 6050

For more information, please visit: Facebook, Twitter, our Blog and YouTube.

Get involved with our Hashtag: #raceforlife

Heart will be at the following events:

Date: Sunday 13 July 2014 at 11am
Address: Watford, Cassiobury Park, Off Cassiobury Park Avenue, Hertfordshire, WD18 7LG,


race for life banner