Salting Depot Ready For Winter

18 November 2011, 17:15

At Hertfordshire Highways salting depot in Kings Langley there is 12,000 tones of salt piled up ready to go out on our roads this winter.

This salt is spread into the A roads, B roads and bus routes in Hertfordshire covering 15000 miles of road. For some people it is a big problem that the council does not grit our smaller streets because even though the main roads are safe to drive on, they cant get out of their driveway!

Stewart Pile, a Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport told Heart they do not grit these roads because salt is only effective on roads where there is a lot of movement. The size of the trucks and cost is also an issue. Every time the gritting trucks leave the depot it costs thousands of pounds in salt, diesel and wages.

Stewart says that this year they are encouraging people to help themselves. They are giving a ton of salt to small district and parish councils, which people can collect and use. This is not going to be enough for everyone so he advises people to be prepared and buy a bag of salt to keep at home.

Chris Martin is the Winter Maintenance Manager in Hertfordshire and says to make gritting more effective they have invested in a sugar-coated salt which sticks to the roads. Not only this, its less damaging to our cars.

Everyone at the depot was confident that they will be ready for the snow when it falls and say they will not run out of salt.