Watford Woes Continue At Junction Forecourt

25 October 2014, 09:02

There are calls to re-open roads around Watford Junction Station, to prevent what's described as chaos in getting out of the car park.

Andy Birchwood's from London and commutes into Watford Junction and says after the forecourt design was changed, he can get stuck for sometimes half-an-hour just trying to get out the car-park - but - it can be as long as an hour.

Andy said:

"It's the last thing you need after a day at work. I've heard for some commuters, the trip to get out the car-park is longer than the commute from London.

It's not just commuters, it's people like me who work in Watford.

There is also a nursery located at the rear of the car park and they have a double problem because when the car park is gridlocked, they have to wait to get in and out with a hungry child in the back-seat."

In response, London Midland have told Heart:

"There is traffic congestion in the car park entrance at the front of Watford Junction Station. It tends to happen in the morning and evenings when Clarendon Road, Station Road and Woodford Road are congested where they converge at the front of the station. 

This means that traffic from our long term car park as well as the taxis back up into the tunnel whilst waiting to pull out onto the highway. We would like to alleviate this congestion but the site is constrained; the only realistic way of doing this would be to open a second entrance to the car park. 

Some car park users have pointed out that there is an existing second entrance off St Albans Road.  This gate is for the use of emergency vehicles and big Network Rail track machinery, it's not up to highway standards and remains locked when not in use.

I would expect all users of the car park approach road, including taxis, to demonstrate some patience and courtesy to their fellow motorists and not block the access for others, I'm sure that most drivers in Watford do the right thing. Having said that, we need to do what we can to tackle the behaviour of those that do not.

I'm pleased to tell you that work will soon begin to install bollards to prevent fly-parking on the approach road, there will also be a new zebra crossing installed with a dropped kerb to aid passengers with luggage/pushchairs and disabled passengers.  There will also be new road markings to make traffic lanes and the taxi area clearer.

In addition we will soon begin training two marshals who will work for a trial period at the station front and, when necessary, they will control the mini roundabout at the top of the approach road.  I believe this will be a great help but I also believe the sheer amount of non-station traffic in this part of Watford contributes to the problems outlined."