Where has the time gone?

Looking for some tips on running the EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon?

Where has the time gone??!! People keep asking me how my training’s going and I keep saying, ‘training? It’s ages away, I’ve not started yet’. Well I’ve got news for me, I’ve just looked at a calendar and it’s only 10 weeks away, eek! So yesterday I put the trainers on and did a comfy 5 miles. But that’s nothing new, I’ve been running for years, a couple of times a week. And last year, with that in mind, I rested on my laurels. Did a couple of 9 milers as we the date got nearer, feeling pretty good I was, then on the day itself I crumpled. Faced with a 2 miles gradual uphill at the end of the course I gave in and walked. Shame on me. I hated myself for it, and I managed to come in 3 minutes slower than the previous year.


So there you have it, I’m proclaiming here publically that I was rubbish last year and this year I’ll change my ways – if a little late!! I can’t stress enough the importance of a good training schedule, so I shall be doing a fast 4 miler on Friday and a steady 7 miles on Sunday and reporting back next week! 


If you’re in the grip of training fever good luck and make sure you’ve got good shoes!!


Rachel x