Bus Depot Hell

Noisy engines, fumes and the loud jet wash, residents near the bus depot in Swindon's Old Town say they're struggling to get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

Stuart Hibbert lives near the Stagecoach site in Old Town and has now set up a campaign website - www.busdepothell.com.

He says some nights they can be disturbed up until 1am, and then again at 4am.  Stuart's also told Heart the company has just refused to meet with locals to talk about their concerns.

But in a statement, a spokeswoman for Stagecoach said; "There has been a bus operation out of these premises for well over 50 years. We are a professional bus operator and have a good track record of being a good community neighbour. We ensure that we fulfill all regulatory requirements and work hard to balance the need to provide important transport services at times that benefit our customers while minimising any impact on people living in the surrounding area. We have also invested in improvements at the facility to help minimise any potential disruption to neighbours.

"As always, we have responded to any concerns and feedback we have received on this matter and will continue to attempt to put in place any further measures where practical."