Camp Bastion memorial to Wiltshire?

10 June 2010, 14:32

North Wiltshire MP James Gray is asking the Prime Minister for the War Memorial at Camp Bastion to be brought back to Wootton Bassett.

James Gray said: "The people of Wootton Bassett in my constituency who, week by week, lead the nation in paying their respects to our fallen heroes seek no thanks or recognition for so doing. When the happy day comes when our soldiers are finally brought back from Afghanistan, however, I wonder whether the Prime Minister and his colleagues would consider repositioning the very fine War Memorial from Camp Bastion to the High street in Wootton Bassett in commemoration of the way in which the local people carry out their service?"

After the debate, Mr Gray added: "The people of Wootton Bassett have made it clear that they do not support any of the ideas previously put forward, namely renaming the town 'Royal Wootton Bassett', renaming the High Street 'Highway for Heroes' or even awarding the town the George Cross. These are not appropriate ways of commemorating these great events in Wootton Bassett High Street. On the other hand the positioning of the War Memorial in the centre of the town would seem to me to be an excellent and very appropriate way to mark the town's contribution towards honouring our fallen soldiers."

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