Drink drive crackdown

A 12-month ban, large fine, criminal record and hard work getting insurance in the future.

Those are some of the punishments awaiting anyone caught drink-driving in Wiltshire this Christmas.

Wiltshire Police have launched this year's crackdown and plan loads of road checks across the county over the next month to catch people who have got behind the wheel after a drink and those on drugs.

Special Constables will also be carrying out "walkthroughs" of pubs in larger towns handing out "Drink Drive Hotline Business Cards" and other info warning of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Chief Inspector Ian Copus, head of Road Policing for Wiltshire Police said:

 "We are putting a great deal of time and effort into this year's campaign, with the intention of showing the public that drink and drug/driving is completely anti-social, and a grave danger to other road users.  The message from us is perfectly clear.  If you take a chance on drink driving, you will be caught. Research shows that more enforcement results in a decrease in the number caught driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. By stepping up enforcement over the Christmas period, and with involvement and support from the public, our aim is to reduce the number of people caught, and the occurrence of incidents as a result of someone getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence".

During 2009 Wiltshire police carried out 7098 breath tests, 692 of which were positive and those drivers were arrested and prosecuted.

They are also promoting the Drink-Drive hotline number which you can use to report a drink-driver - call 0845 408 7000 and selecting option 4.