Troops return to Wiltshire

A hundred Wiltshire based soldiers have enjoyed an emotional return home.

Troops from 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh returned to their Tidworth base on Thursday after a successful six-month tour of Afghanistan, to be greeted by hundreds of friends and family.

B Company was deployed in July 2010 and have been helping with the security and stabilisation programme in Helmand and Kandahar Provinces.

Initially based in Helmand they were deployed in a ground-holding role near the Provisional Capital of Lash Kah Gar. Around Christmas time they were re-tasked and provided security to the rebuilding of Highway 1in their Warrior Armoured vehicles.

The return of B Company also marks the end of two years of operations for the 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh. The first deployment was in February 09 and over the past 24 months the Battalion has suffered three fatalities and a number of wounded.

A Welcome Home Parade will be held in Cardiff on 30 Apr 11.