Wiltshire Based Soldier Gets Military Cross

24 year Old Ricky Furgusson who serves with wiltshire based 4 Rifles has been awarded the Military Cross for Brvery in Afghanistan.

He went to the aid of wounded soldiers to save their lives in no less than four incidents before he himself was struck by an improvised explosive device losing both his legs and an eye.

Ricky was on his first patrol in Sangin when it was hit by a huge IED at the start of his tour in October 2009. He immediately threw himself into helping an injured comrade with no regard for his own safety as he then assisted in the soldier's evacuation. Ultimately he is responsible for saving the soldier's life.

A month later, Ricky again went to the aid of two comrades from a nearby patrol when they were wounded by an IED. On the same day his own patrol was also struck by an IED, grievously injuring  a fellow soldier who was blown some distance away from his comrades. Despite the threat from further IEDs he ensured the safety of his men and reached out to the stricken soldier. The treatment he administered to the casualty on the battlefield, and the co-ordination of his evacuation, saved the soldier's life.

Ricky's bravery again came to the fore at the end of the year when he was able to stabilise and evacuate another soldier within 35 minutes of him being caught in an IED explosion., although the soldier later died of his injuries.

On January 13th 2010, Ricky was struck by an IED losing both legs and one eye.

Hi citation states 'Fergusson's bravery, personally ignoring the ever present IED threat when dashing to the aid of wounded men, and his outstanding leadership, time and again rallying soldiers in the disorientating aftermath of IED strikes , saved mens lives'

You can hear an interview with Ricky by clicking the link on the right.