And he's won me over...

1st February 2013: He's the man that millions of women have long admired, but until today I wasn't one of that gang.

*Whispers* David Beckham has never really floated my boat until now. Granted, he's pleasing on the eye and all that, but his voice always got in the way of his hunkability for me before. 

Not now though. Oh no. For he has shown he is the ULTIMATE man - and I'm sure I'm not the only woman to suddenly change their mind about Becks. 

Yesterday he announced he was taking a new job, playing football for a club in Paris (don't ask me which one - I'm no football expert) and that he was - WAIT FOR IT - giving ALL his salary to a local children's charity. All of it. *Sigh*

So he's athletic, a good dad, not bad looking, rather well off and... kind. 

Anyone else joining me in the new Becks fan club?