Car rules - what are yours?

16th November: When you're a passenger in a car, there's something you should never do. Apparently.

It's something I've been ignorant of until now. No one told me this thing was such a crime. I've been doing it regularly since I was a youngster.

Picture the scene: it's late, you're tired, as the car trundles along the motorway you are soothed by the rhythmic hum of the engine. Lights twinkle on the glass and you let the edge of the seatbelt cradle your heavy head. Before you know it you're sound asleep. Dribble pools around your mouth as you dream of beaches and sunsets and luxurious massages.

Only to be rudely awoken by a loud blast of cold air streaming in through the suddenly open windows. Your husband is Not. Happy.

"New car rules," He states. "No falling asleep when you're a passenger in the car. It's rude. I'm lonely. I've got no one to talk to, no one to feed my my crisps and no one to tune in the radio. Sleeping is, for the future, completely BANNED."


It joins a host of other car rules that all passengers in my husband's car must (supposedly) abide. No eating (unless the journey is over 1 hour). No Take That (I ignore this one). No leaving rubbish under the seat.

I don't like this new strict driver I live with. I miss my sleep. Being a busy working mum I want to grab those precious moments of shut-eye where I can. I feel deprived.

The issue caused a real divide amongst people this morning. Some wholeheartedly agreed that sleeping as a car passenger is "bang out of order" but some thought my husband was missing an opportunity.


"Passenger sleeping is always the way to go. I drive up to Leeds with my husband sometimes and if he falls asleep, I can listen to what music I want." - Donna

"Passengers falling asleep in the car is a compliment to your driving style as they obviously feel safe. And then you can put your own music on the radio!" - Adrian in Minety

"Have to say I sort of agree it's out of order. I drive up to Manchester regularly to watch United and the passenger to stay awake for conversation!" - Stoner the builder


SO what do you think? Share your car rules so I can see if I'm in the minority!