The Cringe Factor

10th September: We've all been there.

Those moments of red-faced embarrassment, when you just wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole, while the rest of the world LOLZ all over the place.

Well now a new list has been released, claiming the top five most popular public gaffes are so common, many of us put our foot in it at least four times a day.

The top five had me nodding my head in agreement - which of these have you done?

5) Not being noticed by someone you're waving at

4) Having food stains and splashes on your clothes

3) Getting someone's name wrong

2) Tripping over in public

1) Forgetting someone's name when introducing them

Loads of you have made some very funny admissions on the Heart Wiltshire Facebook page this morning - but one of my favourites came from Sharon, who told us, "My mum recently walked into a post on holiday, then turned round and apologised to the post!"

Like I said, we've all been there Sharon. One of my most cringey moments at university was laughing at a friend who'd fallen over, before promptly walking into a lamp-post. But we've all done that, right?!

Maureen has a corker of a cringe story too, which would certainly win her a place in the final of The Cringe Factor. Find out why Maureen can NEVER go back to her local cobblers, after getting her "Docs" mixed up...

Maureen and her Docs

So tell me, what other cringe moments would you add to the list?