Germs: to avoid or not to avoid?

20th August: Are you a germophobe, or do you not give them a second's thought?

Of course I'm talking about Jez.

During a conversation about doctors waiting rooms last week, Jez revealed he hates them. Not because he generally feels ill when he's sitting in one, but because the thought of all the germs in there puts him on edge.

To avoid the germs, Jez will attempt not to touch ANYTHING. He pulls his sleeve down over his hand when opening the door and immediately washes his hands with his own personal hand gel as soon as he gets out of the building.

The same is true at the supermarket. Jez won't touch the handle of a shopping trolley without first giving it a clean with a special anti-bacterial wet wipe.

He's even developed a unique way of washing his hands, after seeing some surgeons on Casualty scrubbing up before performing an operation. I know - possibly taking it a tad too far, right?

Well, we got a real life doctor on to have a word with Jez...

Doctor Lizzy on Jez's germ fixation

So the final word from the doctor - perhaps Jez doesn't need to worry QUITE as much about all those germs. And in the interests of helping Jez we thought we'd set him a little challenge live on air.

It's not every day you're presented with a platter of yummy buffet food for breakfast (not here, anyway!). And it's certainly not every day that yummy platter appears on a toilet seat.

So did he eat it? Of course he did. This is Jez we're talking about - he just can't help himself when it comes to food. 

**And before you all start saying we're mean - the toilet seat was a brand new one. Honest.