How to get in trouble with your new wife

25th January 2013: Remember *that* wedding speech from McFly's Tom Fletcher?

How could we forget? He had ladies around the world swooning, berating their husbands for not singing THEIR wedding speeches (or was that just me?). After winning over a gazillion new fans with the amazing speech (you can watch it here) it looks like he may have to win a few points back with his beautiful new wife Gi. 

Tom was at the National TV Awards this week when he admitted he'd mislaid his wedding ring! Just weeks after getting hitched and he's already lost his special token of love. Oh dear. 

Turns out Tom's not the only one to lose his wedding ring though. Steve from Trowbridge can go one better. Well, three better actually...

Steve's wedding rings!

Nat also got in touch to dish the dirt on her own husband's mistake. "My husband lost his an hour after the wedding in the swimming pool! (Married abroad) x could have killed him!!"

And then we heard from Carrie, "My hubby lost his at work a few weeks after we got's now plastered into someone wall."


Don't despair for poor Tom though. Apparently when he came back home after the NTA's, he found his ring on the side, next to a tube of superglue. Either his wife Gi is very understanding, or he still has brownie points in the bag after that incredible wedding speech of his!