My confession

19th November: We all know one. That person who has smugly done (and wrapped) all their Christmas presents by September.

That person is NOT me. EVER.

However, I do have a confession to make. Please don't hate me. This weekend I actually *gasp* started my Christmas shopping. I bought presents for one side of the extended family and even wrapped a couple of them. I was so pleased with my handiwork I almost took to Facebook for a little brag.

But just as I was logging on I noticed a picture on the Heart Wiltshire Facebook page. Sharon had uploaded this picture...

Wrapped presents












I immediately started to panic. As that sinking feeling of disorganised, "everyone's doing Christmas better than me" dread seeped in, I swallowed my fear and made a decision.

And it was that decision that saw me in my kitchen at 8am on a Sunday morning making up a huge batch of festive chutney ready for the big day. I may not be up with my shopping, but at least the chutney will be good!

How organised are you for Christmas? Please tell me you haven't done a single thing. It'll make me feel much better.