Now THIS is exciting!

11th January: This is BIG news.

So big that I expect you may fall off your sofa when you hear about it.




Oh. Is it just me who's that excited then? Right.

It may make you feel old to know his Cry Me A River days were ten years ago now. If, like me, you can remember busting a groove on the dancefloor to his songs (back when nightclubs featured in every single one of my weekends) then you'll be pleased to hear he's now "ready" to make more Timbertastic tunes.

Oh and - for the record ADAM BALL - it has nothing to with the fact his film and TV offers may be drying up. It's about artistic creativity. Musical inspiration. His reasons are PURE I tell you!

Now put your man envy away and enjoy a spot of Mr JT himself telling us why he's decided to dust off the microphone again.


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