Race for Life: still buzzing

12th June: Two days on and I'm still buzzing from the incredible morning we had at Race for Life.

Thousands of people turned up at Lydiard Park on Sunday morning to either take part in the event or cheer on loved ones. The atmosphere was incredible.

I really enjoyed walking the 5k route (while I pushed my daughter around in the buggy!) and chatting with lots of women, hearing some of their inspiring stories.

It was an emotional but uplifting morning, made so by the incredible costumes and tales I heard. For example, I met Anna who was walking the route with her sister Sarah. Neither woman could quite believe they were there, as two years ago Sarah had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But 24 months on and she'd beaten the disease - and next year Anna vows she's going to get her sister fit enough to run the 5k!

And there was Lily. Little three year old Lily. She was taking part in Race for Life in memory of her friend, a beautiful girl who lost her battle with cancer at the tender age of two years old.

But despite these tragic stories, there was a real sense of fun to the day. With many of the competitors dressed in pink, with pink wigs, tutus and cowboy hats, it was some spectacle to behold. And one that couldn't fail to make you smile.

It was an amazing day.

Were you there? Or maybe you know someone who took part? Share your congratulations messages here!

View from the Race for Life stage