Rules When It's Sunny In The UK

29th April 2013: When it's sunny, life has a habit of throwing up a few rules that will ALWAYS be followed.

I've noticed these rules in the past week or so, as the sun has been in and out, teasing us with its presence. 

1) It is only ever sunny on a week day. Fact. 

2) Sunshine lasts as long as it takes you to find a lovely pub garden and buy a drink. Once sitting in said pub garden, with said drink, the sun will magically disappear. 

3) There is one particular breed of man that will ALWAYS rip off his t'shirt, hang it out of his back pocket and wander around topless when even the tiniest glimmer of sun comes out. 

4) The sunshine and dizzy heat will prove almost too much until you've spent two hours filling up the kids' paddling pool. Once full, the heat will evaporate, the clouds will appear and everyone will want to go inside. 

5) The hottest day of the year will be the one you played it safe and wore your coat to work. Always.