School's out!

20th July: As thousands of children and teachers break up for the summer holidays, we're also getting ready for a bit of time off.

We're taking a week off to have a bit of a lie-in and while we're really excited about our holidays, we're also a tad jealous.

It's teachers you see. They get loads of presents this year. I know how hard teachers work, being the daughter of two teachers and the wife of one, I hear about it all the time. But I also hear about the presents. The wonderful, lovely, yummy presents.

But if you're a parent, how do you know what to buy your child's teacher at the end of term? I mean, it seems to be the done thing now, to buy a little present or make some cakes, or make a card, for the teacher at the end of term. But what if you don't know what to get? It all becomes rather stressful.

Jez's wife was driving all over Swindon last week hunting for that elusive "perfect teacher present" - in the end she went with pretty ornamental bowls with some flowers. Lovely. And an inspired decision.

How about you? What did you get for your child's teacher? Whatever it was, I hope it wasn't a goldfish! Have a listen to teacher Simon's call and you'll find out why goldfish don't make the best end of term presents...

Simon on weird and wonderful gifts for teachers

Have a wonderful week - we'll see you when we get back!