What was your Olympic highlight?

10th August: It's been a fortnight of extreme emotion. We've wept as we've seen our Team GB athletes win medals. We've wept as we've seen some of our favourites just miss out. We've wept as we've imagined how proud all their mums must be.

Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, whether you've shed a tear or not - you can't deny that London 2012 has been thrilling. From stories like that of the US runner who continued his race despite breaking his leg halfway through (officially tougher than Rocky for that) and the poor Cuban pole vaulter who snapped his pole in three pieces, there've been some amazing, funny, sad and uplifting tales.

But what's been your hightlight?

For me, the unlikely hero of the whole thing has been London Mayor Boris Johnson. Whatever you think of his politics, he's always been there with a cheery smile, a silly stunt or just a jolly funny comment.

He's not like your regular politician. You can't imagine David Cameron getting stuck on a zip wire or Ed Miliband getting confused and openly celebrating a win for Team GB's rowers when they'd only actually reached the halfway point. Good old Boris.

So tell me, who's your hero of The Olympics?