THIS is why I love my job

25th April: I count myself as pretty lucky. Every day we get to speak to some brilliant people across Wiltshire. They make us laugh, gasp and shout.

But it's rare they make us cry.

This all changed, though, when we spoke to Katie.

It all started when we were chatting about holidays. An entry of Molly's Diary got us remembering how much we used to hate coming home from our holidays when we were kids. Jez admitted than when he was 13 he actually spent every hour of an 8 hour flight back from America in tears. Poor Jez.

That led us to an email that Claire sent in. It was a really inspirational email, all about her lovely daughters, one of whom (Katie) will be 13 on 1st May. Katie could teach lots us a lesson or two about being grateful for what we've got.

You just HAVE to listen to this. But be warned - you'll need a packet of tissues at the ready. *sob*

Katie from Swindon gets a special surprise