Why middle aged men are like toddlers

20th June: We made a startling discovery this morning. And if you're a middle aged man you may not be pleased about it.

It's all about the singing.

My daughter will be two this time next week. She's turned lots of corners recently. She's started walking properly, talking lots and...singing.

The thing is, she doesn't always know the words. Take her current favourite, One Two Three Four Five - Once I Caught A Fish Alive, for example. She knows "One" and she knows "Fish" and she knows "Six". The rest of the words sort of all blend together into a type of cute hum.

Rather like Jez, then.

As well as getting food on himself when he eats, getting grumpy if he's hungry and struggling to share his toys - he also sings in much the same way as my little girl.

Have a listen to this and see if you know what I mean...

Jez and Freya Mash-up