Who's on Heart: A Hint

There's more cash to play for AND we've got a little hint to give you a better chance of winning!

Are you closer to identifying the three secret celebrities - and winning all that life-changing cash?

We already know it’s TINA TURNER saying the word “Who’s

We’re just looking for the MAN saying the word “on

And the ACTRESS saying the word “Heart ”. Have a look at all the actresses who have been incorrectly guessed so far

If you call up and correctly guess ALL THREE well known personalities, you will win an enormous £60,000

Katie has already won £5,000 for correctly identifying Tina Turner. If you identify just one more of the secret celebrities, you will win a huge £20,000

Check out all the wrong guesses (in particular those actresses!) - and the Terms & Conditions.

who's on heart