JK & Lucy's ultimate Summer Party Playlist

We have been waiting for months for the sun to finally arrive! At last it is here and when the sun comes out it's time to turn up the tunes

JK & Lucy have decided with your help to put together an ultimate summer party playlist (basically just some of our favourite summery songs) 

Each morning while the sun is out we will be adding more to the playlist! you can get involved buy messaging us below or Texting the show around 830am on 82122 start your message with the word SOUTH.

Here are our suggestions so far: 

JK's Choice - PM Dawn - set a drift

Lucy's Choice - Bill Withers - Lovely Day

Aussie Nige's Choice - Soul Limbo (Cricket Theme tune)

JK's Choice - Beach Boy's - Kokomo

John from Newbury's choice - Beach Boys - Surfin Safari

Julie's Choice - Chris Rea - On the beach

Grahams Choice - Mr Blue Sky ELO

Anne's Choice - La Bumba - Los Lobos

Aussie Nige's Choice - Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC