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The triage have plans to have more kids

Polyamorous 'throuple' with three kids say they are open to more lovers

The girl was alone in the three-feet deep hot tub when she was trapped underwater

Girl, 10, tragically drowned in hot tub after her hair got entangled in filter

A family of six were found trapped in a farmhouse

Horror as 'family of six are trapped in secret farmhouse dungeon' for nine years

The Extinction Rebellion has hit the Underground

Live tube status and delay updates as Extinction Rebellion aim to ‘stop the underground’

You can grab some of your favourite items online

Primark is now available to shop online but the prices vary a lot

Sainsbury's are selling cheap Dysons today

Sainsbury's are selling Dyson vacuums for just £50 today - but only in select stores

London’s underground is set to be affected by the protests beginning on 17th October

Extinction Rebellion to send London’s Underground into chaos as protestors plan to stop tube lines

The costumes have been deemed inappropriate

Shoppers slam Fashion Nova's 'sexy' and 'inappropriate' Toy Story costumes for Halloween

The Dream Cruise will hold the longest roller coaster at sea

World's longest rollercoaster at sea set to open in new cruise ship

This beauty blogger (left) has been mistaken for Kim Kardashian (right)

British beauty blogger Sonia Ali stuns fans who claim she looks exactly like Kim Kardashian

The bride to be had a strange ask from her wedding guests

Bride-to-be slated by guests for expecting them to pay off £50k student debt as wedding gift

Apple have released their new emojis

Apple release dozens of new iPhone emojis - including sloth, falafel and a skunk

Fortnite has been hit by an asteroid

Fortnite down: what is the Fortnite black hole, how can I play it and when is the game coming back?

Asda is selling royal pyjamas this winter

Asda is now selling matching royal-themed pyjamas for the whole family for just £10

The most bacteria-ridden places in the home have been revealed (stock images)

Expert reveal the dirtiest areas in the home - and the results might shock you

Poundland is selling Harry Potter style "invisibility cloaks" on the run up to Hallows' Eve.

Poundland is giving away Harry Potter 'invisibility cloaks’ for Halloween