What's the weather forecast for March 2024?

16 February 2024, 12:37

March brings the promise of warmer weather and spring in 2024
March brings the promise of warmer weather and spring in 2024. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

Is it going to be warmer in March with less rain? Or is there going to be more storms and threat of snow? Here's what the Met Office says so far.

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March is a month that signals warmer climates and spring as the clocks officially go forward for 2024.

With Easter also happening this month, many of us are looking forward to waving goodbye to the rain, storms and threat of snow and welcome the lighter and, hopefully, warmer evenings.

Let's also not forget there will the the all-important Easter bank holiday weekend meaning residents in the UK will be getting a fabulous two days off work to enjoy spending time with their families, and of course, eating Easter eggs.

So what exactly is the weather outlook for March? Can we expect warmer weather or is yet more rain and snow on the way?

Here's what the Met Office has forecast so far:

Pink blossom trees lining the edge or a park pathway
Warmer weather in March allows for the first blooms of the year including blossom trees. Picture: Alamy

What is the weather forecast for March?

The beginning of March looks set to remain pretty unsettled as we come to the official end of the winter months in the UK.

According to the Met Office, we shouldn't be getting our hopes up too much as the weather is so far predicted to be windy and colder than average as we edge towards the middle of the month.

They said: "First half of March liable to see a slightly higher than normal likelihood of winds from the west then edging northerly later in the period.

"This likely leading to initially unsettled conditions with transitory settled periods and a milder Atlantic feel before increasing likelihood of colder and drier than average conditions toward mid-month."

Young boy covered up with hat and scarf
Met Office has warned us to not put our hats and scarves away just yet. Picture: Alamy

However, the Met Office make it very clear that the more long range the weather forecast is, the less accurate predictions will be, which is why they encourage us to focus on the five day forecast more.

They explained: "Our long range forecast (which is updated on a daily basis) provides an indication of how the weather might change, or be different from normal, (i.e. warmer, colder, wetter, drier) across the whole UK.

"Therefore whilst we can still forecast the general feel of the weather to a relatively high level of accuracy using our ensemble models, it becomes harder to offer local detail to as high a level of accuracy as our shorter range forecasts."