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Opal fruits are returning to the UK

Opal Fruits are making a comeback for a limited time - 22 years after changing to Starburst

It's now easier than ever to eat vegan at chain restaurants

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New Cadbury easter tins filled with Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs

Cadbury's are releasing huge tins of Creme Egg and Mini Eggs in time for Easter

Most packaged pasta—including spaghetti, linguine and ravioli—is plant-free.

Is pasta vegan? Everything you need to know for Veganuary

Birds Eye says we’ve all been cooking potato waffles wrong – you can actually use a toaster!

Birds Eye reveals we've been cooking potato waffles all wrong

Go easy on the sparkling stuff if you want to avoid a hangover.

Prosecco hangovers are officially the worst, says wine expert

The brand has just announced the new permanent menu item

KFC confirms the vegan 'zero chicken' burger will launch in UK this week

Easter eggs already on sale in supermarkets just days after Christmas.

Co-op, B&M and Sainsbury's already selling Easter eggs with over 100 days to go

Marks & Spencer is expanding its Plant Kitchen range, including the No Chicken Kiev.

Marks & Spencer launches first ever no-chicken kiev filled with vegan garlic sauce

Roast potatoes are the best rated part of a Christmas dinner

Roast potatoes are officially the best part of your Christmas dinner

Heinz have recalled their 7+ baby foods

Heinz and Tesco urgently recall baby food due to 'metal objects' found

This classy cocktail will add a touch of class to a Christmas Eve party

Perfect cocktails to serve to friends and guests this Christmas

It's been claimed that spicy food could reduce risk of early death (stock images)

Eating spicy food more than four times a week 'reduces risk of early death by a quarter'

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London's best Asian cuisine restaurants: Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and more

Is there a more beautiful sight than a freshly laid buffet?

Buffet etiquette dos and dont's revealed... and pushing in the queue tops Brits' bugbears