Mum of four Kelly has pulled her son out of school because the walk is too far

Mum pulls her 6-year-old son out of school as '25 minute walk is too far' from home

The blogger sparked outrage on social media (stock image)

Christian blogger claims working mums are terrible parents for THESE reasons

Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley

Sam Faiers partner Paul Knightley branded ‘selfish’ for banning son, 3, from nursery

Kirstie Allsopp made headlines when she smashed her kids iPads

Kirsty Allsopp HASN'T replaced the iPad she smashed to stop her kids playing Fortnite

Alex Jones pregnancy

Alex Jones pregnant with second child: Due date, announcement and baby details revealed

A video has gone viral of a baby being pushed into a pool

Shocking footage sees a baby pushed in a pool to 'teach it how to survive'

Parents described the elf murder scene as 'traumatising'

School blasted for setting up 'elf murder scene' complete with blood all over desks and the floor

A mum has sparked outrage for claiming mums should get dressed up for the school run

Controversial mum BLASTS parents who don't wear make-up on the school run

The woman slams her family for criticising her choice of name

Mum UNINVITED family to baby shower after they criticised her unborn baby's name

More parents are choosing to homeschool their children

Parents are homeschooling kids to 'avoid holiday absence fines' for term time holidays

Christmas elves might be doing more harm than good

Psychologist warns 'Naughty Elf' could cause kids long term damage

Most primary schools serve a Christmas dinner for pupils

Humbug council refuses pupils Christmas meals if they owe dinner money

Vanessa previously opened up about her hopes to breastfeed her grandchildren

Vanessa Feltz reveals she wanted to BREASTFEED her grandchild