Mum furious as teacher repeatedly re-styles daughter's hair at school

15 September 2023, 15:13

The frustrated mum was sick of her daughter's teacher restyling her hair.
The frustrated mum was sick of her daughter's teacher restyling her hair. Picture: Alamy

The raging parent vented her frustrations on Reddit and asked users if she was "overreacting".

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A mother has been left furious after her daughter's school teacher repeatedly restyled her little girl's hair without asking.

The anonymous woman told Redditors her child kept coming home wearing different looks, despite the fact she had gone to class in braids.

Explaining her daughter's hair was "super-long, curly and impossible to brush if left down", she reached out for advice on how to approach the awkward situation.

She even asked users if she was "overreacting" to the educator's actions as she took to social media to air her frustrations.

The fuming mum vented her frustrations on Reddit.
The fuming mum vented her frustrations on Reddit. Picture: Alamy

The women, who goes by That_Gross_Couple online, wrote: "The first time she redid her hair I brushed it off and didn’t think much of it, probably took it out herself or something.

"But then she wanted a messy bun like mommy so I did, sent her to school and she came back in braids because 'teacher said it was messy'.

"I sent her in a braid today, slept in so some hair was out around her face but no big deal and she came home with her hair completely down because 'let’s get that hair out of your face'.

"Brushing this girls hair is like pulling teeth, screaming, crying, it hurts before I touch her hair.

"It’s starting to really frustrate me, I take care of her hair. If I was sending her without it fixed that’s one thing still not okay in my eyes but whatever, I’m not really sure how I should feel? Any advice? Do I say anything to the teacher? Am I overthinking?"

The woman said her child&squot;s hair was "impossible to brush if left down".
The woman said her child's hair was "impossible to brush if left down". Picture: Alamy

At the start of her rant, the mum confessed her daughter's dad didn't think it was "that big of deal", but said her mother-in-law and auntie agreed it was inappropriate.

A string of Redditors chimed in on the debate, with many falling on the side of her husband.

Suggesting it was probably just an act of kindness, one person said: "To me it just sounds like a very caring and sweet teacher - I bet the girls love having their hairdos changed around. If your daughter is upset about it, you could let the teacher know that your daughter is feeling sensitive about having her hair adjusted - but if she is fine with it, I would just leave it alone."

While another advised she check her little girl had given consent, writing: "Is your daughter okay with it? Then it shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe it got messed up during play time or nap time or maybe another child needed their hair fixed for those issues and she felt left out and asked the teacher to help."

A third believed she was making a mountain out of a molehill, adding: "I really believe you are overthinking this and overreacting. I have long hair that I often style and I always have little girls at my work asking me to do their hair like mine, brush it, play with it, etc. I’d consider it a kindness that your teacher really likes your daughter and is willing to put in that time to make her feel special!"

Fellow Redditors told her she was "overreacting".
Fellow Redditors told her she was "overreacting". Picture: Alamy

However, some said if she believed the teacher was overstepping the mark she should have a frank conversation and address the issue.

"If your child is old enough to consent to her hair being done, I don't see a problem but if you don't like it, say something," wrote one user.

While a second added: "As a mother of a daughter with insanely tangly hair, I understand the frustration of that, but I would also probably be relieved if she came home with her hair redone lol. I know for a fact she would have it in tangles no matter how I did it. I would feel like the teacher cared. But, if it is bothering you I would say have an open non-confrontational discussion. I'm sure she does not intend to cause you discomfort and if she knew she would stop."

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