Mum bans children from watching Peppa Pig as the show teaches them 'bad behaviour'

28 February 2024, 12:53

Good Morning Britain saw guests disagreeing on Peppa Pig
Good Morning Britain saw guests disagreeing on Peppa Pig. Picture: ITV/Alamy

By Hope Wilson

Good Morning Britain guests clash after one mum revealed she has banned her children from watching Peppa Pig.

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A mum has revealed she won't let her children watch Peppa Pig as the show has 'lots of negative behaviours', during a heated debate on Good Morning Britain.

Influencer and mother of four Brittany Belińksi appeared on GMB this morning to open up about why she has banned Peppa Pig in her home.

This comes after American parents were complaining the show was causing their children to adopt English accents and the series also facing sexism claims.

When quizzed by presenters Susanna Reid, 53, and Richard Madeley, 67, as to why she won't allow her children to watch the cartoon, Brittany stated: "I think literally every episode shows negative behaviour which is not something I want sharing as a role model for my children. So actually, my children have never watched Peppa Pig."

Peppa Pig is a children's cartoon
Peppa Pig is a children's cartoon. Picture: Alamy

She added: "I think the show in itself has lots of negative stereotypes and lots of negative behaviours.

"The dad is often considered to be fat and lazy and those kinds of words are used on the show and it’s not language I want my children to have in their vocabulary and I also don’t want the show to give them any acceptance of those behaviours."

However podcaster and father-of-two Lewis Oakley hit back at Brittany's claims, suggesting that these comments on the show are teachable moments.

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Brittany Belińksi doesn't let her children watch Peppa Pig
Brittany Belińksi doesn't let her children watch Peppa Pig. Picture: ITV

He stated: "Isn’t the good thing about a show like that, even if they do start calling daddy fat or something like that, is that it’s then a teachable moment to say 'We don’t talk to people like that', I think that is a good thing.

"I don’t really want to shield my kids as they are going to see this behaviour in real life and I think that if their behaviour is something that I become unhappy with, then they learn daddy is not happy with that."

Lewis Oakley disagreed with Brittany Belińksi's points
Lewis Oakley disagreed with Brittany Belińksi's points. Picture: ITV

Viewers were quick to take to X, formally known as Twitter, to discuss their views on whether Peppa Pig is a bad influence or not.

One user defended Brittany, referencing a Peppa Pig episode in which she hangs up on her friend mid conversation.

The commentator wrote: "If you do a program for kids this age group, you do have to go back to the bare bones of teaching. The clip shows Peppa hanging the phone up. To adults it is humour, but children don’t understand that they have to be taught. You wouldn’t hang your phone up on your Nan."

GMB presenter Susanna Reid was shocked by the debate
GMB presenter Susanna Reid was shocked by the debate. Picture: ITV

However other X users were not as forgiving, with many defending the cartoon.

One person added: "Big deal! I watched things like Ren and Stimpy, Power Rangers, animated series of popular video games (Mortal Kombat, Mario) and Dennis the Menace, and around 98% of my generation turned out ok!"

Another wrote: "I’m sorry but this mother is just too much. The little ones are only interested in the colours, the voices; they really don’t comprehend in depth the meaning of the conversation."

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