Peppa Pig has American kids speaking in English accents

20 July 2021, 15:20

Peppa Pig is a beloved kids' TV programme
Peppa Pig is a beloved kids' TV programme. Picture: Channel 4/Alamy

Some American kids have started speaking in English accents after watching Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig has proved so popular across the pond that it's apparently causing some American kids to speak in English accents.

The hugely popular British programme, which airs on Channel 5, has proved a massive hit in a number of countries - with more kids than ever watching during the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by Metro, one father in California has told the Wall Street Journal that his four-year-old daughter has started speaking in a Received Pronunciation (RP) accent since watching the show.

Peppa Pig first aired in 2004
Peppa Pig first aired in 2004. Picture: Channel 5

He said that she has mimicked Peppa's accent to the extent that she says 'petrol station', rather than the American 'gas station', and also calls 'cookies' 'biscuits'. She also asks her father if he's 'having a cup of tea' when he goes to make his morning coffee.

Another mum from Seattle also shared a TikTok of her three-year-old daughter Hazel mimicking Peppa's catchphrases, including 'How clever!'.

Peppa Pig is hugely popular with kids across the world
Peppa Pig is hugely popular with kids across the world. Picture: Alamy

A Boston-based mum also said that the show had made her four-year-old daughter Cecile 'sound like a little lady'.

Peppa has been voiced by a few actresses, notably Harley Bird who held the role between 2007 and 2020.

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