July UK weather forecast revealed as Brits hope for a scorching summer

18 June 2024, 12:12 | Updated: 25 June 2024, 11:11

July weather forecasters have high hopes for a scorching heatwave
July weather forecasters have high hopes for a scorching heatwave. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

Will the UK have a hot July? What's the weather forecast? Here's what the predictions are so far and the chances of a heatwave.

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Summer is finally here in the UK with June also finally bringing the heat after a cold and wet start to the month - so will the warmer weather be here to stay in July?

With forecasts being more accurate and stronger closer to the time, the Met Office can only give us a general outlook of the temperatures and conditions to come - so are we going to have a hot July? Or will it be another washout?

Well, temperatures are certainly improving as we approach the end of June, with at least a week's worth of consecutive dry and sunny conditions with temperatures south of 20C.

In fact, the Met Office has even issued a yellow health warning as some days will see temperatures close to 30C. There's also plenty of hope those conditions will carry over to next month.

Here's what July's weather forecast is looking like so far and if it's going to be a hot summer in the UK.

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Beach-worthy weather is on the way according to weather experts. Picture: Getty

What is the UK weather forecast for July?

Typically with the British summertime, forecasts are hinting at both long periods of rain as well as a mixture of hotter weather and potential heatwaves.

The Met Office's current weather signal says the beginning of July will bring "fresher conditions" as the heatwave is pushed away to a nearby continent.

Talking about the the first few days of the month, the forecast says: "The hotter and more humid weather experienced by the south prior to this will most likely have been pushed away into the nearby Continent. The risk of these conditions lingering or returning to the far southeast now looks to be very small.

The outlook also said temperatures will be average or a "little above" for this time of year.

As we approach the middle of the month, the forecast predicts: "Current indications suggest that a continuation of the trend towards more settled weather through mid-July is weakly favoured, with below average rainfall and temperatures around to a little above average."

It also went on to add the chances of a heatwave are higher in this month too.

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July's weather could bring a scorching heatwave. Picture: Getty

What is the average temperature for July weather in the UK?

According to the Met Office, the average temperature for July between the period of 1991-2020 was a maximum temperature of 22.7C. The minimum across that time was 13.34C.

Also on average, there is around 14 days of rainfall.

What is the definition of heatwave?

A hot stint of weather officially becomes a heatwave when an 'extended period of hot weather happens relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of year'.

In the UK, a heatwave title is met when a spot records at least three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that meets or exceeds the temperature threshold. This threshold is county dependent in the UK.