UK heatwave – Brits set to be hit with a 29C heatwave today until the end of June

24 June 2024, 10:31

Central and Southern Europe will be hit with a heatwave over the last two weeks of June
Central and Southern Europe will be hit with a heatwave over the last two weeks of June. Picture: Getty

The sun finally emerged over the weekend and it has no plans on going anywhere as a 29C heatwave blast is coming to settle over the UK from Monday the 24th of June.

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Those of you who were hoping to work on a tan sooner rather than later are in for a treat, which you may have guessed from the rising temperatures over the last weekend.

Not just one major heatwave has been forecast for this summer, in fact, we've been told to expect up to three over the next season.

The United Kingdom’s weather map will be looking devilishly hot, with huge parts of the map lit up red as a 29C heatwave descends across the country as of today, the 24th of June.

With the heat will come the humidity, especially in the last week of June as temperatures will comfortably remain in the mid to high 20s specifically in Central and Southern England.

Temperatures are set to reach 29C
Temperatures are set to reach 29C. Picture: Getty

If you’re a Londoner you know that the rules work slightly differently in the high-density city and temperatures for you will possibly see multiple 29C-30C over the last two weeks of June.

Officials have warned the public to be prepared and you know what that means. Sticky sweaty tube rides to and from work and drinking lots and lots of water.

An official 'yellow' heatwave warning has been issued by the Met Office, and the public has been told to brace themselves for some scorching heat. The temperatures could reach dangerous levels for vulnerable individuals.

They’ve stated that the heat will be "unlikely to impact most people", however, those who have serious or multiple health conditions or who are on certain medications may find the next few weeks very uncomfortable and should be given extra attention.

Rain is expected to return at the beginning of July
Rain is expected to return at the beginning of July. Picture: Getty

Whilst central and Southern England will be hit the hardest, most regions from the 24th of June will certainly feel the heat whilst the North East will remain relatively temperate.

Whilst a ‘yellow warning’ sounds dramatic, it’s the second lowest tier on UKHSA’s scale so don’t be afraid to enjoy the sunshine too because this is still the UK and the rain fully intends to return.

The Met Office forecasts "some showers or longer periods of rain" after June 27 when they expect the heatwave to pass with "potentially some thunderstorms" in our future.