When is the next heatwave UK 2024? Exact date scorching temperatures will hit

27 June 2024, 17:22

The UK's next heatwave has been forecast
The UK's next heatwave has been forecast. Picture: Alamy

By Hope Wilson

With rumours of a June heatwave, many of us have been left disappointed by the cold weather. But when is the next UK heatwave? Here is the latest forecast revealed.

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It's summer in the UK and we're finally getting to experience scorching temperatures this June.

While India is experiencing extreme heatwaves, and excessive heat warnings being issued in Canada, we've seen cold and rainy weather, leading many Brits to believe this is may be the chilliest June ever.

However temperatures are set to rise and we could see temperatures of 30C later this month, but this mega heatwave won't last forever and loads of us are wondering when the next UK heatwave of 2024 will be.

When is the next heatwave coming? Here is the latest Met Office forecast revealed.

The UK is yet to see scorching temperatures this summer
The UK is yet to see scorching temperatures this summer. Picture: Getty

When is the next heatwave UK 2024?

Temperatures are set to heat up towards the end of July, with forecasters predicting that certain areas could see a heatwave once again.

The Met Office have revealed their forecast for the 11th-25th of July, stating the weather will be: "Typical of the time of year, predictability at this range is very low compared with, say, the winter half of the year, thus forecast confidence is very low.

"That said, current indications suggest that a continuation of the trend towards more settled weather through mid-July is weakly favoured, with below average rainfall and temperatures around to a little above average. Any more significant rainfall would most likely be in the northwest, and in thunderstorms elsewhere. There is a slightly higher than normal chance of heatwaves developing through this period."

There have been rumours of a June heatwave
There have been rumours of a June heatwave. Picture: Alamy

Will there be a heatwave in July?

The next heatwave in the UK is set to come towards the end of June and start of July.

Temperatures are set to spike at the beginning of July, with the team at WXCharts predicting that the country could see highs of 26C next month.

The Southeast of England is set to receive the bulk of the heat, while the rest of the UK will experience pleasant temperatures for the time of year. Netweather's forecaster Ian Simpson has revealed that warm air from North Africa and southern Europe could bring hot weather to the British Isles.

The warmest weather is set to be in the south
The warmest weather is set to be in the south. Picture: Getty

Mr Simpson stated: "There is some chance of some of that North African and southern European heat making its way to the British Isles towards the end of June, depending on whether the ridges of high pressure from the Azores align in such a way that we pull in hot air masses from the south and south-east, but this is not a certainty."

He went on to add: "Regardless, it is highly unlikely that Britain will end up approaching the warmest June on record this year because of the cool first half, with temperatures running 1 to 2C below the 1991-2020 long-term average."

The UK is hoping for hotter temperatures this summer
The UK is hoping for hotter temperatures this summer. Picture: Alamy

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services spoke to Birmingham Live and confirmed temperatures could soar "well into the 30s" as we head "in the right direction" for a heatwave.

He disclosed: "I would suggest we will share in some of that in the latter stage of May, and into June and July. We will see climbing temperatures well into the 30s in the prone areas. That is the expectation."