Will the UK have another heatwave? Latest forecast revealed

27 June 2024, 12:44

People have been wondering if there is a heatwave on the way
People have been wondering if there is a heatwave on the way. Picture: Getty

By Hope Wilson

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures continue to increase, lots of us have been asking when will the UK have another heatwave?

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Despite a chilly start, June has certainly turned up the temperatures as the UK has experienced a scorching heatwave which has seen highs of 30C.

While we've been struggling to sleep in this crazy heat, we've still enjoyed the summer weather finally hitting our shores. But all good things must come to an end and as with all heatwaves, this one won't last forever. This has led many of us to wonder when the next set of sweltering temperatures will arrive.

As July is creeping up upon us and we head deeper into summer, what does the weather forecast for the month look like and will we be experiencing tropical temperatures again?

Will the UK have another heatwave? Here are the latest forecasts.

Two people sit on beach
Summer is set to bring warmer temperatures. Picture: Getty

Will the UK have another heatwave?

Temperatures are set to heat up in July, with the Met Office reporting "higher than average chance of heatwaves developing" between the 11th-25th of July.

Their long-range forecast predicts the weather will be: "Typical of the time of year, predictability at this range is very low compared with, say, the winter half of the year, thus forecast confidence is very low.

"That said, current indications suggest that a continuation of the trend towards more settled weather through mid-July is weakly favoured, with below average rainfall and temperatures around to a little above average. Any more significant rainfall would most likely be in the northwest, and in thunderstorms elsewhere. There is a slightly higher than normal chance of heatwaves developing through this period."

July may see a heatwave
July may see a heatwave. Picture: Getty

According to weather maps from WXCharts, the southeast of England will see highs of 25C, while the south coast and midlands could see temperatures rise to between 22C-24C.

While the tail end of July looks to be roasting, the start of the month has a more subtle approach.

WXCharts have predicted warm temperatures
WXCharts have predicted warm temperatures. Picture: WXCharts

The Met Office forecast for the 1st-10th of July states: "The outlook period appears to be largely unsettled, with occasional bands of rain moving in from the west or northwest. There will be a good deal of dry, warm, and settled weather in between frontal systems, with the best conditions most likely in the south and east where winds will be lighter.

"In contrast, further north and west, it will generally be breezier, and any rain that does occur will be heaviest over the hills. Cloud cover will vary, with cloudier weather expected in the north and west, while clearer skies are likely in the south and east. Temperatures will be around average for the time of year, but on sunnier days with lighter winds, it will still feel warm or rather warm."