Expert shows exact position you should sleep in to keep cool during heatwave

14 June 2023, 08:49 | Updated: 14 June 2023, 14:57

TikTok shows hack for sleeping in a heatwave

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The best sleeping position to keep cool during the heatwave has been revealed by an expert.

Things are definitely hotting up in the UK, with some areas reaching 30C temperatures over the past few days.

But while many of us are enjoying BBQs and trips to the beach, trying to sleep in this heat is becoming unbearable.

So, in a bid to help the nation get a good night’s sleep, founder of mattress and pillow brand Levitex, James Leinhardt has shared his top tip.

Taking to TikTok, James asked: “How can you sleep when it’s this hot outside?”

Here's how to sleep better in the heat
Here's how to sleep better in the heat. Picture: Getty Images

He then went on to share charts showing the warmest parts of both a man and woman’s body which are the forehead and the bottom of the spine.

“Think about the best position to sleep in to reduce the heat from these areas,” he said.

“Of course - it’s ‘the dreamer’ yet again. If you lie in this position then you have the least amount of contact of your body to the bed, so heat will naturally fire away much quicker than if you’re lying [on your back].”

The ‘dreamer’ position is a semi-foetal side position with an additional pillow between your knees to provide more support.

The hot weather shows no signs of disappearing
The hot weather shows no signs of disappearing. Picture: Alamy

This comes after experts from Bed Kingdom also shared a list of tips and tricks to help keep you cool during the hot weather.

“Summer is a very disruptive time for sleep,” they said, continuing: “With longer daylight hours and elevated temperatures, people are always searching for ways to keep cool,” an expert said.

"While fans and bedding can be important, keeping cool at night is something everyone can do on a budget.

"Sleeping in less clothing or keeping blankets and duvets pulled back can be some of the easiest ways to get a good night's sleep in the summer months."

Millions of Brits are struggling to sleep
Millions of Brits are struggling to sleep. Picture: Getty Images

Experts suggest that other ways to keep cool is to sleep like a starfish which increases the surface area for sweat to evaporate and cool you.

Heat rises so the coolest part of a room or house is closest to the ground which means it could be beneficial to sleep on the lowest floor of the house.

Keeping blinds and curtains closed to block any unwanted heat transferring, while a light cream or white colour is better at absorbing the heat.

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