First scorching UK heatwave forecast for June 2024 - exact date revealed

10 June 2024, 10:03 | Updated: 10 June 2024, 14:32

Clear blue sky and girl eating an ice cream
The UK weather forecast for June is looking more promising. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

June's weather outlook is looking hot and humid according to latest weather forecasts - here's when you can expect a heatwave.

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Rain, cold temperatures and wind is all the summer month of June has brought us in terms of weather so far so it's not surprising that UK residents are looking for any clues for an upcoming heatwave.

And it seems they won't have much longer to wait as one forecast system has predicted a warm weather blast for this month and they've given us the exact date we can expect it too.

Bringing hotter temperatures, and even a huge does of humidity, weather experts have said highs of 28C could be seen in parts of Britain including London and Essex.

So when is June's heatwave? According to maps from Netweather TV and WX Charts, temperatures will soar from June 13th with highs of 26C across East Anglia, the Midlands and Wales. London and surrounding areas will feel the warmest at 28C.

Conditions are thought to be similar to May's 'mini heatwave' where temperatures were 24C for at least four days in a row.

Although, current weather forecasts for this week from the Met Office are less optimistic.

Hot and sunny London with people sitting on grass
London is set to see some of the warmest temperatures this month. Picture: Getty

The BBC weather forecast has hinted a heatwave could be on the horizon but at a much later date as their prediction revealed: "In the third week of June, there is the possibility of areas of low pressure moving generally north or north-west of the UK later this week, allowing the high pressure of the Azores High to spread across the southern part of the UK, at least temporarily.

"This would lead to warmer, calmer and slightly drier conditions particularly in the southern areas."

It also suggested late June could be "warmer than average" overall.

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Weather forecasters are all predicting warmer temperatures for June. Picture: Getty

The Met Office has agreed and forecast "warmer spells" as they write: "Whilst showers remain possible in the south, there should continue to be a good deal of dry weather here.

"Small chance of a more widely settled spell developing for a time next week. Rather cool at the start of the period, temperatures probably slowly recovering back to around average with an increasing chance of some warmer spells, especially across the south."

Looking ahead towards the end of June, they say weather "signals are weak" but that are anticipating temperatures to be a "little above average".