About JK

JK has had a distinguished career at some of the country's biggest radio stations. But what's his favourite food?

What's your full name?
Jason King

Which three words best describe you?
Short smiley tired

Got any nicknames?
Monkey boy.
Sometimes I get caught scratching my bottom..

Which celeb do you most look like?
A mixture of Robert Downey Junior and Richard Hammond

Where are you from, and how did you end up here on the South Coast?
Worcestershire. And I ended up here by car.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Michaela Strachan

Who's your most recent celebrity crush?
Jenifer Aniston

Recommend a day out on the South Coast...
Christchurch - it's amazing

Recommend a night out on the South Coast...
Port Solent

What song gets you on the dance floor?
Earth Wind and Fire – Let's Groove

How are your dance moves?
Not the best.. I look very camp

What would be the title of your autobiography?
"Can't Change Much Now"

What makes you feel good more than anything else?
A big long cuddle from my son.

Favourite food?
Boiled egg and soldiers

Favourite film?
Ferris Buellers day off

Favourite place?

Favourite TV show?
Dexter... soooooo good