The story of Ed and no phone


Whilst Rachel was away on holiday, she had constant texts, tweets, facebook posts, what's apps and emails from Ed, and she has finally had enough! 

It appears that Ed is truly addicted to his Smart phone, and therefore Rachel has decided to take his phone away from him and see if he can last a week without using Twitter/Facebook or his iPhone!

We got  you to guess how long you think he will survive without his phone , and you can check out what you thought here:

Name Time
Eve  Monday - 9.01 am 
Dave Monday - 9.11am 
Jo Monday - 10.00am 
Sue Monday - 11.00am 
Colin  Monday - 10.15am 
Jean  Monday - 12.00pm
Vanessa Monday - 3pm
Brian  Tuesday
Emma  Tuesday - 8am
Jenny Tuesday -7pm
Mark Wednesday
Claire Friday - 12.30pm
Rach  The week
Clare The week 


So Ed hasn't cracked yet and has managed to restrain himself from logging on to Twitter or Facebook, and even said that it had been a nice relief to not constantly be on his phone! 

He was however, to everyones annoyance, still distracted in yesterday's meetings as he had found the phone's games! It seems that Ed will never stop being inattentive, phone or no phone!  

On today's show Rachel decided to see how important Ed's Facebook friends are by quizzing him on how well he knew who's birthday it was today and whether or not he actually knew them! 

If you missed it you can check it out here:

How is Ed coping without his phone?


On this mornings breakfast show, Rachel was throughly enjoying teasing Ed about not being to get on to Facebook, and all the funny and embarrassing things that have been posted on his wall!

Including a picture from Ed's mother of when Ed was a child! You can head to the Heart West Midlands Facebook page to check it out!

You can also listen back to Rachel's teasing of ed here:

Day Three of Facebook Lock Down


On this mornings show, Rachel attempted to guilt trip Ed by getting his own mother to plead with him to get back on Facebook and Twitter! 

If you missed it you can listen back here: 

Ed's mum guilt tripping him


To everyone's surprise Ed actually managed to go a whole five days without Facebook and Twitter, and this is coming from someone who was literally addicted to his phone and being online! 

He now even claims that he hasn't really missed it and has enjoyed the freedom from constantly being attached to his phone! If you missed this mornings show, then listen back here to what Ed has learnt from the past five days:

What Ed has learnt

You can also listen back to the reaction of Rachel giving back Ed his phone and Facebook and Twitter passwords:

Ed getting his phone back

The real question is, has Ed really changed his ways, or will he still be constantly Facebooking and Tweeting!!


Ed and Rachel