Your Diets

We asked you if you'd been dieting for the new year and which diets you've been on? Have they been working? How much have you lost?

Helen lost 6 stone and 10 lb since June last year on a low fat and low carb diet with the gym every other day.  

The cambridge is fab says Sam in Tipton. I've gone from size 16 to size 8 and lost 4 st.

Kaz uses the Wii fit and had lost 4lb in a week.

2 classes of zumba a week is the best diet says Rihanna from Worcester.

Marnie uses the diet and has lost 2kg in the first 4 days. ‘I thought it would be just cereal twice a day and a meal but it's not. It actually plans proper meals and doesn't leave you hungry. I'm a big girl and need to keep fed!’

Try mklifefit and a personal trainer says Nicola. ‘I have lost 2 dress sizes!’

‘I am following weight watchers pro points diet. I need to lose 3 stone. Over the last two weeks I have lost 7 pounds.’ Thanks Sue!

Tina text in – ‘I've lost nearly 4 stone on the Slimming World plan!’

‘I do a 9 day detox which is GP backed.’

‘2 weeks and I've lost a stone.’ - Limited alcohol. No white cards, no dairy. Eat meat, fruit and veg. Make your own dressings, plenty of water, and go to the gym!

Thanks for your calls and texts!