Cameron Diaz's North Devon dream

Cameron Diaz has told Heart she would love to surf in North Devon.

The Hollywood star is often snapped on her board and told us she knew the region was one of the top surfing spots in the country.

But will we see Cameron here anytime soon? Well, she didn't rule it out. "You know, I grew up in California which has very cold, dark water and so I don’t really enjoy cold water because that was my only ocean when I was a child. Now I like clear, warm water to go surfing in. But I would totally check it out, of course I would! I’d put on a thick wetsuit and I'd give it a go."

Cameron was talking to Heart to promote her brand new film Bad Teacher which also stars her ex, Justin Timberlake.

So what was it like doing romantic scenes with Justin? "It was hilarious, we wanted to create the least sexiest sex scene ever created on film and I think we succedded and Justin makes these faces and noises that no other man would have the courage to do".

You can hear Cameron's full interview with Heart's Charlie Girling here...

Cameron Diaz