Cervical Smear Campaign

A North Devon woman's started a campaign to get the minimum age for cervical smear tests lowered.

Gemma Gist has created the Facebook group 'Fight to get Cervical Smears Tested at Age 20' after she discovered she had abnormal cells after her first test at 25.

Most doctors only offer the test once a woman's 25.

Gemma said she was shocked at the number of women who had a similar experience to her, and have shared their stories since the start of the campaign.  She said: "If it helps people become more aware, or somebody to change their mind and think 'hang on, we really do need to look at this again and think about lowering the age,' that in itself would be great."

To hear more from Gemma, click here.

So far, around 1,500 people have joined the campaign.

Tell us what you think - Should the age be lowered?  What difference would it have made to you?  Add a comment below