Fly Tipping at Beauty Spot

2 February 2010, 06:00

One of the worst cases of fly-tipping in Northern Devon's been reported to Torridge District Council.

Baths, sinks, toilets and other building rubble has been dumped at the side of a cycle path known as Lamb's Lane near Holsworthy.

Councillor Richard Brown said: "This is the first time I've seen it this bad, but there have been one or two other examples in the area.  It's something that must be stamped out, it's very, very dangerous."

To hear more from Councillor Brown, click here.

As well as looking unsightly, it can pose a danger to walkers, horses and pets using the area, as well as being a hazard to local wildlife.

Torridge District Council are trying to identify who is responsible, and say they will take that person to court.

They're asking for us to let them know if we have any information which may help.