Have a Heart Appeal helps...

At Children’s Hospice South West we care for children who have illnesses which mean they will die before reaching adulthood. We provide expert care for them, their parents and well siblings.

Nearly 20 years ago, Eddie Farwell and his late wife Jill (The founders of CHSW)gathered together a small group of friends in their sitting room in North Devon to discuss the need for a children's hospice in the South West.

Not only had they recognised the need but they were determined to spearhead the fundraising. A seemingly crazy venture driven by their passion to improve the services for life-limited children and their families.

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Since 1983 Eddie and Jill had been the carers for their two life-limited children Katie and Tom who were diagnosed as suffering with a rare degenerative disorder which meant they would die somewhere between the ages of 10-20. And so Children's Hospice South West was born.
2010 marked the 15th birthday of Little Bridge House CHSW's first hospice in Fremington.

Eddie and Jill's two eldest children who were the inspiration for Children's Hospice South West have died, and Jill sadly died 7 years ago in 2004.

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