Hollywood Stars Seek Help in North Devon

George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Gemma Arterton are just some of the A-list celebrities to wear wetsuits made in North Devon.

Reed Chilleater is staying at its base in Braunton rather than offshoring production to China is seeing its garments used in a growing range of TV and film productions.

Braunton-based Reed Chillcheater makes specialist lightweight wetsuits made from plastic or polyurethane which offer greater ease of movement than traditional garments.

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This means that they are ideal for top-end sports use, for the emergency and armed services or for filming where actors will often wear one under their costumes when filming in water so that they can keep warm but not be seen to be wearing a wetsuit.

Chillcheater wetsuits for A-list celebs

The company has supplied suits for small screen shows including The Bill and Dr Who as well as blockbusters such as The American, Gulliver's Travels and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

There also expanding their work for children and adults who suffer with cancer, providing full body suits to keep them warm and protect things like Hickman lines from infection.

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How A-list celebs keep warm


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